The JSM50 will set you free. This 16 year old learner legal, geared moped has a specification to impress. Whether you’re commuting or riding for pleasure, the JSM50 powered by its 2-stroke, auto-lube, water cooled engine, will punch above its weight and deliver an exciting yet economical ride.

Finished in tough, self coloured Polypropylene MX plastics with vibrant 3M thick graphics.


Technical Details

Engine type: 2-stroke, liquid-cooled with balance shaft
Displacement:  50cm³
Bore: 40.2mm
Stroke: 39.2mm
Compression ratio: 7:1
Max. net power: 3.5kW @ 6,800rpm
Max. net torque: 5.0Nm @ 6,800rpm
Fuel system: Carburetter / 2 stroke auto-lube
Tank capacity: 8.57L
Fuel type: Unleaded or E5 petrol
Battery: 12v 9Ah
Generator nominal output: 12v 100W
Transmission: 6 gears, hand clutch
Primary ratio: 3.550
1st gear: 3.000
2nd gear: 2.062
3rd gear: 1.526
4th gear 1.333
5th gear: 1.041
6th gear: 0.960
Final reduction: 5.636 (11T – 62T)
Unladen Mass: 105kg
Max laden mass: 262kg
Starter: electric and kick
Brakes: front disc & rear disc
Wheels: Front: 110/70-17 Rear: 130/70-17
Seat height: 820mm
Length: 2120mm
Width: 840mm
Height: 1120mm
Wheelbase: 1400mm
Max Speed: (approx): 45km/h 30mph
Max hill-starting ability (fully laden) 30%
Fuel consumption: 99mpg (average)
Dual marked, analogue speedometer: MPH/km/h
Odometer: marked in Km (1.6Km = 1 mile)